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My comic books

I publish my own albums since 2010.

My new book for kids: a Christmas tale with unicorn and cows, and a night crossing of Bordeaux.

My previous comics

The life of a new citizen of Bordeaux, 66 pages of humor about living in Bordeaux.

From the small business to the multinational, there is only one step, through the marketing of social networks. 42 pages of humor, A4 format.

My double-sided coloring book about Bordeaux architecture, and lots of unicorns, cars, savannah animals, and so on.

Parody 24 hours, the series with Jack Bauer. Big success on the net at its creation in 2010, with 50 000 views in 1 month.

Available only in French version. To order, send me a message, I will send you a credit card payment link from Paypal.

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