Caricatures de stars

25 Caricatures of music and movie stars.

Stars Caricatures

Caricature of Agathe Auproux in pencil 2H and 2B.

Serge Gainsbourg, profile cartoon in pencil.

Caricature of Scarlett Johansson, sublime woman, with a totally irregular face. Here his portrait .

Mariah Carey Pin-Up version, the most beautiful female voice in the world. In my opinion.

Enora Malagré, digital caricature made with Adobe Draw .

Isabelle Adjani, one of my first attempts at women’s caricatures. Ballpoint pen, colored pencil.

Britney Spears, pencil caricature, Pin-Up style.

Caricature of Christophe Willem, colored pencil and Bic pen.

Salma Hayek caricature, mix of pencil, ballpoint pen, and colored pencil.


Alyssa Milano, the most complicated woman to caricature I’ve found.

James Ellroy, colored pencil and pen.

Anne Hathaway, whom I drew without knowing who she was.

Manu Katché, a pencil caricature, a French musician who accompanied the greatest international stars on stage.


Anne Elizabeth Lemoine, whom I love very much, one of the cartoons of the New Edition, made almost 10 years ago in colored pencils.

James Ellroy, crayon de couleur et stylo bic.

Alizée, the most famous Corsican personality in the world, after Napoleon. Here in Pin-up version.

The excellent Daphne Burki.

Lily Allen, pretty long work with colored pencil and Bic pen.

Caricature of Naomie Campbell, made at 18 or 19 years old. Another drawing that taught me a lot.

Daniela Lumbroso. Not easy to mix caricature and sensuality in the same drawing.

Caricature of Daphnée Roulier, whom I met one day. So I had to draw it.

Virginie Efira, a particular Belgian beauty.


Megan Fox. The kind of drawing I do when I’m bored. Colored pencils and Bic pen.

Caricature of Michel Cymès, who makes me laugh since … Too long.


I did that caricature of Bernard Blier in 1992 or 93, with watercolor pencils, and a Bic pen.



Here is a link to Wikipedia about the art of caricature. And if you want to see the work of a caricature genius, here is Morchoisne’s Facebook .