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Pin-up vintage gallery. Paintings on sale :

Pin-up paintings

Paintings of actresses and actors.

The unique and irreplaceable Mireille Darc in “Les Barbouzes”. Portrait with acrylic paint.
Mireille Darc in “Les Barbouzes”.
Peinture Pin-up
The wonderful Claudia Cardinale. Very vintage painting.
Jean Paul Belmondo and jacqueline Bisset in “Le magnifique”.
Kim Novak, a very, very long time ago.
Jaimie Lee Curtis in “An Armchair For Two”, so funny.
Acrylic painting of Dita Von Teese
Jean Dujardin, an actor who does not have a scenario to his measure, I think.


Alizee, watercolor and Indian ink. Her caricature here.
A girl from Bordeaux, watercolor and Indian ink.
An Instagram star, watercolor and Indian ink.
An unknown woman made with acrylic paint.
3 students in Bordeaux, acrylic painting.
Vintage pinup. Made in two hours. Not bad.
Alessandra Sublet, quickly done …
One of my rare paintings after a model that posed (photo).
Sennelier acrylic, as always. I may be abused on the red.
Parody of a painting by my favorite painter, Gil Elvgren.

Asian Pin-Up

Totally unknown in France, Anri Sugihara.
Another unknown in France, Reon Kadena, with acrylic paint.
Reon Kadena, Gaugin way.
A star in Asia, Elly Van Tran.
Acrylic painting, always Elly Van Tran.
Peinture Pin-up
Japanese tourist in Bordeaux.