Dessins d’architecture - aquarelles

Architecture and landscapes drawing

I launched on the occasion of an order from an advertising agency in a series of architectural drawings on the city of Bordeaux. I took a liking to it, and I continued. You can find the city in Bd in my two creations: ” It’s Christmas in Bordeaux “, and “Welcome to the Bordelais.”

Villa Teresa in Arcachon.

The “Cabanes Tchanquées” of Arcachon.

Watercolor of the Mouleau beach in Arcachon.

Watercolors of the Bassin d’Arcachon, the sea and the Pinasses.

Watercolor Bordeaux drawn from my Bd: ” It’s Christmas in Bordeaux “, available for 10 euros.

Time Square, New York, 1943

Monuments and places of Bordeaux

The Porte Cailhau

Again the Porte Cailhau

The place de la Bourse

The place de Stalingrad

Modern Architecture

Modern buildings located in Luxembourg and Brussels.