Portrait de Stars

The art of portraiture, which allowed me to make huge progress very quickly when I was a teenager.

Stars Portraits

The Portrait

Each Portrait is composed of thousands of features that intersect. Forcing me to something unnatural, apply me. Most of these drawings are over 20 years old, I keep changing techniques. Here is my gallery of paintings , my caricatures of stars .

Portrait of Emmanuelle Béart, pencil HB, and a little 2B.

Natalie Portman, big job on that one.

Attempted portrait with a “sanguine” pen, a big fat red pencil. I loved it, yet I never used it again. I also made 3 caricatures of her: 1 , 2 , and 3


Portrait of Agathe Auproux.


Portrait of Agathe Auproux.

Isabelle Adjani, I understood a lot about this portrait. Drawn an afternoon of boredom in Prigonrieux …

Something rare in my work, portraits of men.

She is a little forgotten, Angie Heverart. I completely messed up her elbow, without realizing it.

Isabelle Adjani, drawing made in 1991, I was 16 years old. Here Isabelle Adjani caricature .

Naomi Campbell in ballpoint pen on Bristol board.

1992 for this portrait of Naomie Campbell.

Laetitia Casta, on paper C grain, the famous. Different from the cardboard I used until then, interesting to find dark.

Portrait of Erika Moulet.

Jessica Alba, certainly the drawing that earned me the most comments on the internet. I admit that it was easier to do than most drawings I did.

Anna Beatriz Barros, whom I drew because she was furiously reminding me of someone …

Liz Hurley, a few years ago.

A particular beauty as I say, Elizabeth Hurley. She would have deserved a bigger career again, I think.

Vanessa Paradis in 1991, one of my oldest portraits, made in the night of December 31st. Hello family life.

Vanessa Paradis, an order never paid.

Elisha Cuthbert, drawn as part of my passion for 24 hours chrono.

This portrait of Ophélie winter is the drawing on which I have applied the most in my life. Made in pencil HB only, on paper not really adapted, I like the difficulty.


Ophelie Winter. I wanted to see if Pointillism was complicated, realized with the Sergeant Major pen.

Scarlett Johansson, in colored pencil, from a black and white photo. Here you can see her in caricature .

She disappeared from the news, Mareva Galanter.

Mathilda May, the oldest portrait of this page.

Drawing pen Sergeant Major, Denise Richards does not fish, she speaks to someone very closely.