Caricatures, portraits of stars

Caricature & Portrait

French Artist Rieu Sébastien – – 06 78 35 38 50

I make caricatures, portraits, or anything you can ask. Chinese and aquarelle are my favorites tools, I also paint and publish my own Comic-Books.

I based that little wiki from books, articles and documentary. I want to make an inventory of a maximum cartoonists of caricature.

J’ai démarré cette mini-encyclopédie de la Caricature à partir de livres, d’articles, de documentaires sur le sujet. Mon but est de recenser un maximum de dessinateurs connus, since 5 centuries that satyric drawing exists. Caricature has influenced the advent of democracies, of humanism.

Some links to great artists who deserve to be known: Michel Motti, Jean Claude Poirier, Will Elder, Carl Barks, a genius: Richard Williams. And there is another genius, certainly the most complete author in the world of Comics, the extraordinary Harvey Kurtzman! And a small personal page on Gustave Doré, hard to find paintings on the net and I scanned into books.